Art Therapy Workshops

These workshops vary in price according to location, travel, and how many participate. Lunch can be optional. Sack lunch, usually works well. Take breaks when needed. Fewer rules are better in any workshop.

Art Trading Cards. (Wikipedia Definition)

Regular playing cards can be used or white card-sized stock. Making art trading cards with any art available with name address on back. These wee pieces of art are like small masterpieces. Wonderful way to collect small pieces of art and addresses at the same time.

The 12 archetypes are shared to help us understand the journey we are on. Some of us stay stuck in one of the archetypes and this workshop can help us recognize our stuck ness so we can move on


Batik is a form of designing fabric into a personal piece of art. These fabric pieces can be used in clothing or decorating. Painting on cloth with hot wax and dyes can be added to with your own personal touches of beads and jewelry. Small scraps can be added for hand made cards, as well as art assemblage

Book Making

This is another art piece by transforming an old used book into one of your own making. Some pages can be left for your choice and others manipulated into something else. Bringing the old books back for another personal use is fun.

I find making books on the sewing machine is very rewarding. I make all sizes by inserting regular cut white paper the size of the outside cover. I stitch down the middle of the book. These are great for small journeys and for grieving process books


Making handmade boxes and designing them for our own use is exciting and rewarding. We will make all sizes and use them for different stories. They will be designed with any items of your choice. The smallest ones are kept for the family secrets. These are glued shut and kept inside larger ones. A box can be made from any item. I use watercolor paper, magazines, old wallpaper clippings. A fun and exciting way to create. I enjoy these to express the inside feelings and the outward appearances.

Clay work

Kiln- fired pieces. Meditative spirit balls and many healing pieces can be made and fired .This is usually a week- long class, Spirit balls are the favorite. Pinch- pot pieces are paper wrapped wishes and small balls of clay. When fired they will rattle inside ball with good spirits and wishes. These are personalized with decorated carvings on outside.


Clay is air dried and can harden to make objects that stand alone or adhered to wood. Oogly clay. This clay never hardens and can be used over and over for family story telling through clay pieces.

Contour drawing

This workshop helps to identify issues we are dealing with. To draw our face on paper while looking in a mirror is fascinating. Elizabeth Grandma Layton popularized contour art in her many drawings. I wrote a book “Drawing and coloring for your life”. In this book I chose 100 of her drawings to help people know how to draw their own issues and heal themselves.

You will never see life the same again after this experience. Something magical happens when a person looks in a mirror and draws themselves.

Dancing Wild Women Dolls.

I use these hanging and moving in the wind, or they can be placed on your choice of location. Story- telling and family- making can be a great event. Bring your own crazy and wild jewelry to decorate or not.

Dream catchers - An Indian happening.

Making a spiritual dream catcher is a gift to hang above ever person’s bed. We personalize these with items brought from saved collections of the past. The dream catcher represents the web of life.

The bad dreams are caught on the web and disappear in the morning light. The good dreams pass through the center hole and are fulfilled in your destiny. I like to make these from nature’s twisted woods and leather strips for adults. For babies and children the ribbon ones are fun with small crocheted ribbon baskets hanging on them for special items. This can be pieces of first hair cut, or lost teeth.

Floor Clothes

Painting a theme on prepared floor clothes are a way to express your ideas, or create from some of your family stories. These paintings are permanent and can be used on the floor. Acrylic paint over gesso or water- base Kilz paint can be everlasting. I finish these with a sealer.

Fresco Painting

Wet plaster chunks can be made in irregular sizes and painted on with fresco paints. This paint is made of ground stone pigments and sinks into the plaster to have a long lasting piece of art. This ends up being like a watercolor on stone. Look up fresco painting on net.

Genogram Workshop

This is a way to bring all our family members together on one poster board. Using printed pieces of past deaths, marriages, divorces, or any significant event, we place them together in orderly fashion..

This workshop will help to bring our history and past into focus. These genograms are an easy way to identify behavior as we color code each person. This is a way to be able to see the similarities in the family. Much information comes from these workshops to help each person understand the whys of the families.

Gingerbread Healing Dolls

These small gingerbread dolls are already cut and sewn. After cutting all sizes, I stitch and prepare them with an opening on one side of doll. These sides are left open for each person to place what they wish to place inside. These can be thoughts, dreams, hopes wishes and so on. Along with cotton and stuffing we make the dolls. The outside of the dolls can be of any age and what you wish to put on it. They have the face of the person with pre copied photo. For example, I made one of my deceased mom with her cropped hair when she was 19, marching for women’s rights. You can use any theme. A most productive and healing art piece for pre and post grieving

Indian talking sticks

These are found sticks, twisted and turned, and can be from a favorite location or own nature’s floor. These are usually 2-3-feet long and are treated to hang inside. These are our on documented life calendars. We will use our rich history to design each life event with beads, feathers, ribbons and personal items.

Meditation and visualization can help us resolve issues and be aware of patterns in our lives. Sharing theses stories helps to bring them into focus

Indian weaving into manipulated forked sticks. Button chair weaving and curtain weaving are fun and can be used like chair weaving. These art pieces can be tied together with other bent pieces of wood. Use Mother Nature to help show us what we want. Found objects can be incorporated with buttons, shells, beads and feathers. Using a two-inch plastic needle and yarn it is fun and meditative to design your personal creation. Personal raku clay pieces fired ahead can be added as well as jewelry.

Making personal masks.

I use plaster casting with a permanent sealer. These can be decorated as a personal theme or hung on a wall as is. These life masks are very revealing in the making. We can have flashbacks of events and stories while under the plaster casting. These are honored and written on. Some people have made life casts of other parts of the body. I have done many breast casts of women who are undergoing an operation. These are kept sacred to them. I also have done body casts of pregnant women

Making Family Animal Creatures

Family animal creatures are made using different pieces of art to depict animal parts.

These are fun and easy animal creatures made with drawings, clay, model magic or paper mach’e .I use these animal family creatures to communicate with each other. These can be made with used like chair weaving. These art pieces can be tied together with other bent pieces of wood. Use Mother Nature to help show us what we want. Found objects can be incorporated with buttons, shells, beads and feathers. Using a two-inch plastic needle and yarn it is fun and meditative to design your personal creation. Personal raku clay pieces fired ahead can be added as well as jewelry. clay for the garden.

Making puppets

Of course the good old sock puppets are easy. I use a round piece of cardboard inserted into the toe. Red toed ones are good, manipulating with rick rack button eyes and yarn fringed hair.

Puppets on each hand can be manipulated for making parents or siblings, and communicating through them.

Model magic puppets can be quick and easy. This easy manipulated clay can be used with a stick inside of body with fabric over it. You can also make them with you finger going inside the head and manipulate each arm

Shadow puppets are from construction paper and glued on straws. These puppets perform behind a tissue- paper screen.

Mandala Workshop

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to have possessions of one’s essence.’

Using large circles and meditating on our lives helps us to place these thoughts in the circle. Mandala work is a very spiritual place to be.

We can center ourselves into this piece and find energy and peace. We will gain an attitude of reverence when working on these. When finished these can be hung to study and enjoy forever. Mandalas help us reach for more peace, harmony, joy and laughter.

Painting on Fabric

A way to decorate and personalize pillows, curtains, clothing or anything you want. Using acrylic paint and fabric, your project can be anything you envision. I have enjoyed painting many quilts

These 3-4-5-6- dimensional cards are wonderful to make and decorate with your own art or found art in magazines. These can be transformed into handmade books that can be sewn on the sewing machine. Writing stories and decorating them is a great way to express ideas.


This art has a shiny oil-cloth look when finished. Using any designed paper we prepare it to be glued on a stiff board. This repousse is another 3-d look that has the objects stand out away from the back. I have seen this used on front of books, around picture frames, long cans, and boxes or items of substance

Sandstone Sculpt

Gathering sandstone along the roadways can be fun and rewarding. These can be carved and finished into wonderful sculptures.

Silk Painting on Fabric

Using paint for silk painting and a stretched piece of silk can be an experience to behold. The personal pieces can be scarves or used into other clothing. This work takes a light box and gutta to outline the art before painting. Light boxes can be made with a light under any empty picture frame with silk tacked around the edge of the frame.

Scar Clan Pieces

This workshop is to identify the scars of our past or our past heritage. We place the scars in an art piece that is in a squared round. The four squares of healing scars are the physical or body,. the mental mind, the spiritual, soul and the emotional feelings. These four areas take our energy sometimes without knowing it. To protect our energy and be able to build on it we honor all the scars in an art piece. When these scars are released ,we can move on and be more productive.

We will make handmade envelopes or boxes and use the inside-outside making of scars. Some scars are observable while others are hidden.

Soul Collage Cards (

Soul collage cards (5-8in.) are made by you from found pictures, magazines, photos or drawings. The images are placed on cards to describe your heart life.

A soul card is made to help you understand, appreciate and discard things (usually old beliefs) in your life. Soul cards can help you organize your thoughts. The cards will help to open up the intuition and imagination of your life. These cards can follow the work of the 12 archetypes of Carol Pearson. The medicine wheel is another way to describe your own cards.


This form of art is 3-d looking. The painting pieces on fabric or fabric with designs can be made into trapunta. The pieces can be large or small. First, machine stitch around the item or items we want to stand away from the design. We then slice an opening in back to add cotton between the stitching.. Slicing the back of the pieces, and manipulated with cotton we want to protrude important images to project away from the fabric These personal art pieces can be manipulated for hanging or to be used for decoration. Quilts made of trapunta pieces are great. I enjoy using person photos transferred onto this.

We use this book to help jump start our own history stories by digging up old bones or creating new ones. This life- death- life experience helps us through our own grieving processes.

So many of her stories can help us relate to our own stories.

We are a not for profit for Finding a Cure Inc. Donations and Merchandise available in gift shop at the clinic for that use. The money goes to finding solutions for healing autism spectrum.
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