My Indian in Me

As a certified art therapist of over thirty years, I have faced many problems with patients who needed help in understanding their lives. The purpose of this self-help autobiography is to help readers enjoy life in a more creative way. This can be done without wasting unnecessary energy. This energy saved can add happiness and years to one’s life.

This adult book consolidates a lot of information in simple terms. My goal is to help readers get a clearer understanding of how to confront complex issues in tehri lives. The book explains how I used these concepts to not only help me through my life, but to help many others.

Hard copies and soft copies are available at

Drawing and Coloring for Your Life

Dr. Avis Garrett-Baptist recently co-authored Drawing and Coloring for Your Life a 200-page book, including 92 drawings by Elizabeth Layton.

At the age of sixty-eight, and after many years of depression, Elizabeth Layton discovered contour drawing as a healing tool. This technique is now helping many people.

In collaboration with Julia Nicholes, the daughter of the late Grandma Layton, this therapeutic coloring book for adults also exposes the techniques used in the contour drawing process.

The book is available for purchase! See the Merchandise page for more information.

We are a not for profit for Finding a Cure Inc. Donations and Merchandise available in gift shop at the clinic for that use. The money goes to finding solutions for healing autism spectrum.
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